Brooding Clouds, Changing Light

Brooding clouds, changing light … beautiful. From renowned photographer Joel Meyerowitz and his blog Once More Around The Sun: A photograph every day for a year.



Just sitting at a friend’s dinner table watching the oncoming dusk slowly draining the light of the day. A long meditation on change. Light, gliding from the fullness of white clouds to the saturated last licks of color at their tops, and then, right before my eyes, it’s gone, like a magician showing his trick and we not being able to see it – that’s magic!  Not seeing the change while looking at it.

Nature is the magician beyond measure, and every day the phenomena of light shows us such variety and delicacy as to fill our hearts with wonder or joy.

07-29 Sky L1032031 copy

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1 thought on “Brooding Clouds, Changing Light

  1. carolmoczygemba

    The variety of ways to have a relationship with light, as presented in The Light of the Road, is eye-opening and mind-boggling to me. From one’s sleep patterns, to the experience of color, to lettuce in space and Van Gogh’s genius, it all involves light. Diligent research makes the blog even more valuable as a tool for reliable information about the surprising panoply of ways light affects life.
    As an admirer of his photography, I feel as if I have known Joel Meyerowitz for a long time, but Once More Around the Sun reveals something of his soul that I recognize in his photographs.



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